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A selection of feedback from previous attendees when asked "What did you like about the event?"

I was delighted to meet my old practical partner for the first time in 30 years!


The event was extremely well organised, and the speakers were excellent!

Cecilia Paulsson

Just fascinating to get a glimpse of current work in the field. I loved the contrast between the first and last speakers.

John Waterhouse

Not only are the lectures interesting and stimulating;  the whole organisation and very smooth running of the event are impressive.  A thoroughly enjoyable morning.

John Temple

The lectures were at a level that people like me  (ie 40 years since doing the maths) can grasp the ideas. The speakers illustrated their lectures well, explained how the theories were developed over time and spoke with a lot of enthusiasm.

Jeremy Pugh

Really enjoyable mornings, both for the physics and for meeting old friends

David Pepper

There was a warm feeling of camaraderie among all involved. The level of the talks covered a spectrum such that everybody could get something out of the event. The three talks had common threads to weave a multidimensional picture that I explored in my mind on the drive home. It was fascinating and I learned a lot that I hadn't known that I hadn't known.

Adrian May

Superb presentations. These were outstanding, perhaps even surpassing the previous stellar contributions

Adrian Lawrence

excellent follow up on the supconductivity sessions I did as an indergraduate in 1969

David Wharton

Very stimulating and thought provoking. A privilege to come to a cutting edge world leading institution and hear from absolutely top people

Ray Slade

I find it inspiring to get a glimmer of understanding about the leaps forward in theoretical physics

Jane Northcote

The talks presented material with which I was unfamiliar, including physics that has been developed since I was an an undergraduate and indeed is topical, while grounding it in physics with which I was familiar. The levels of the presentations were very well judged.

Patrick Ridley

Concise, expert exposition of the subjects

Richard Stoner

Exposure to new ideas and activities in physics that are never dealt with in such detail even by the scientific press

Bob Darby

very accessible. Aterial and with practical applications

Susan Ballard

This series reaches a part of the mind long starved of input. Many of us present have DPhils long past it seems- and welcoming old areas of the brain being re-opened to knowledge.

Mike Parsons

it served to reinvigorate my interest and to re-awaken a few sleepy neurons

Margaret Greenwood

The enthusiasm of the lecturers always comes across

Mike Flemming

excellent speakers with good delivery and a sprinkling of humour

Howard Jennings

Lovely idea, and really inspiring. It got me talking to my 14 year old son about string theory.

Andrew Monk (Keble 1979)

It was nice to receive both intuitive and technical information in connection.

novel and challenging … great to have such a connection with the department still

Neil MacKenzie

I was surprised by how much I understood after more than 50 years!

it was very enjoyable to 'think physics' again

Jonathan Moore

Absolutely excellent. It was great to spend some time thinking seriously about the subject again - and meet like-minded colleagues

I find they make a good incentive for further reading about the subject (and other members of the audience, too, who I find browsing the physics books in Blackwells afterwards). It's very useful that the slides and videos can subsequently be found on the website and in iTunes-U, as some of the presentations deserve a second hearing.

An excellent programme - very interesting to hear about the latest developments from those actually working in the field